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Listary is a powerful disk search utility which increases your productivity
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Listary is a powerful disk search utility intended to increase your productivity. The application indexes the contents of your disks to produce almost instant search results. Moreover, it can help you launch applications, search the web and explore projects. The tool has a minimal graphical user interface, which is limited to contextual menus, search boxes and its Options dialog box. Fortunately, it comes with excellent tutorials to help you use it efficiently.

When the program is installed, it runs from the System Tray, where you can configure it by clicking on its icon. The program is characterized by its total integration with the system through a series of key combinations and contextual menus. Thus, it allows searching the disk from any window or folder. In this regard, the find-as-you-type function lets you start typing and get immediate results of matching files, applications and folders. The search outcomes comprise not only the contents of the active drive but also other locations, even networked drives and external devices. Another feature of Listary can emulate the functions of Windows Start Menu to work as an application launcher. With two Ctrl key strokes, the program automatically opens a search box that allows finding the desired application. Furthermore, the tool allows you to bookmark your favorite folders.

Another distinctive feature of Listary is that it lets you search the web by assigning keywords to your favorite search engines. This way, you can simply type the keyword that identifies the intended search engine followed by the specific terms and Listary opens the default web browser at that page.

All in all, Listary is the perfect search tool for those who don’t mind memorizing a long list of key combinations as it significantly improves your workflow. It even lets you create customized actions and assign hotkeys to them. Besides, it even “learns” from your preferences to improve search results automatically. Regrettably, it doesn’t support full-text searches.

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  • It comes with excellent tutorials
  • It improves your workflow
  • It supports local, external and networked drives
  • It allows searching the web
  • It lets you create actions and assign hotkey combination to them


  • It doesn’t support full-text search
  • For some users, it may be difficult to memorize so many hotkey combinations
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